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Hope: intransitive verb 1: to cherish a desire with anticipation.
transitive verb 1: to expect with confidence.

We Have
Hope To Bring Donna Home.
Donna was last seen by witnesses with John Steven Burgess
at his residence 3617 Faris Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90034
around midnight of
June 23-24, 2007.
To print Donna's flyer click ON THE
IMAGE to enlarge and print
To print Donna's flyer click ON THE
IMAGE to enlarge and print

It has been three very long years since I have physically seen your beautiful face, heard your soft
voice, and felt your warm embrace.
I miss you so much and crave your presence. There have been so many times over the years that I
have needed your embrace. I have needed your ears. I have needed your voice. I have needed my best
friend. That I have needed my baby girl in every sense that you are.

There are so many things that I still had to say to you. So many dreams I had for you to fulfilled, so
many things that I wanted to make right with you. I still had many unanswered questions to ask you
about us, life, and people, and you were ripped away senselessly, torn apart violently from me before I
could make any of these things happen.

Today is June 23rd, the day you went missing; it is a time of intense sadness and overwhelming
emptiness for me. It is like a violent surgery from within, without anesthetic.
My emotions continue to fluctuate indefinitely, akin to a turbulent roller coaster ride, sometimes so
lonely even with others around me... The mystery of your loss remains uncertain, unknown, and
lacks clarity.
Feelings of loneliness, helplessness, despair and abandonment are my daily routine; a treasure within
my heart has vanished never to be seen again.

As a surviving parent, I became your voice since you are no longer able to speak for yourself. I
consider my involvement as parent as an extended act of parenting. Looking out for your interest the
same as I would if you were still living with me and depended upon me for protection.

I do strongly believe that Burgess' mind-numbing confession was bogus, therefore I have been
fighting relentlessly, non-stop for the truth, to prove Burgess’ deceptive statement, and take him
back to court for the real justice. Criminal justice system is more concerned about the rights of the
accused, even after he is proven guilty and convicted.

I will fight for you till I take my last breath, this is a promise, this is my duty.

I love you with my whole heart; I don’t know how to live without you, my lovely baby.

Your Dad,

Donna posted an ad on Craig list (Internet) as a Math Tutor in
hope to help other students. During this process she was contacted
by John Steven Burgess and a trust began. For this was Donna's
passion, to trust and help others. Her dream is to be a Doctor
(Neurosurgeon). Donna's big hart and generosity expanded by her
community services of many hours dedicated to  baby sitting at
the Battered Women's Shelters. Her intimate kindness shows her
forever love for her family. From the small personal notes left for
her Father and the phone calls to say goodnight every evening to
the laughs and smiles given to her Mother each day.
On March 17, 2009 Superior Court of the
State of California for the county of Los
Angeles charged John Steven Burgess (a
three times convicted sex offender) for the
disappearance of Donna Jou.

$15,000 Reward for any
information in finding
Donna Jou.
If you have any
information regarding
Donna please
contact your local police
department or call
Los Angeles Police
Department at
You may leave a
comment/tip on this site
Supporters of Donna Jou Gathered outside of City Hall in
California  Friday, July 13, 2007
John Steven Burgess (Convicted Sex Offender)
appearance in LA courtroom August 20, 2007 on
charges of failure to register as a Sex Offender.
Banner made for the justice for Donna's  March
"Justice for Donna March" outside the courthouse Sept. 5, 2007  
Burgess was supposed to be in court for failing to register as
a sex offender, but his pretrial hearing
was postponed
until Oct. 10.
Outside the court,  Sept. 5, 2007  a crowd, which included
Donna's  parents, attorney
Gloria Allred and friends
chanted, "Where is Donna Jou?" Jou's parents made
heartfelt pleas to Burgess for answers.
San Diego State University Students Show their support for the
family of Donna Jou In Candle light Vigil  held
at  SDSU campus Sept, 12,  2007
John Steven Burgess
Sept. 5, 2007 -  outside of LA court, Attorney  Gloria Allred,  
is speaking with the media

We still asking for John Steven Burgess to help us bring Donna home.  Burgess is choosing
not to talk about his knowledge of Donna's whereabouts. We have started a Petition to ask
John Steven Burgess "Where Is Donna"? Please Sign the Petition and Leave a comment for
 John Burgess to read as a request to help us find Donna. We appreciate everyone's
compassion and support to bring Donna back home.
Click here to sign a petition/ send a message to John Burgess.

John Steven Burgess's recent  
jail info:
Updated  July, 26-2012
Los Angeles County Central Jail
Jail Number: 3239912
Donna is a Beautiful and Loved Daughter, Sister, Grand Daughter,
Niece, Cousin, Friend, and Honor SanDiego State University Student.
         In Memory of Donna Jou
                April 23rd, 2010

Donna Jou was a 19-year-old, Honor student at San Diego State University when she disappeared in June 2007 after placing an
ad in an online classifieds website looking to earn a few extra dollars tutoring high school kids in math.

When I first learned about the very tragic story of Donna Jou and felt the incredibly palpable anguish of her Dad, Mr. Reza
Jou, in a birthday greeting that he posted on the website dedicated to her at www.DonnaJou.com, I became even more
determined to build a gated classifieds website that only allows users whose identity has been verified. Unlike shopping and
auction sites (e.g., Amazon and eBay) where users conduct business mostly by mail, users of online classifieds sites, on the
other hand, generally transact business in person. By allowing users to post ads anonymously, these websites create a perfect
breeding ground for criminals, who, thriving on anonymity, can hide behind their web browsers and prey on an unsuspecting and
trusting public with all kinds of nefarious activities, ranging from fraud to even more dangerous crimes, including rape, robbery,
and murder.

In 2009, police arrested John Steven Burgess, a 3 time convicted sexual predator, who confessed to luring Donna to her death
after reading her classified ad online. As a father of 2 young girls, I made it my mission in life to build a safer classifieds website
so that my two daughters will never have to fear for their lives when using an online marketplace.

Please join me in building a web community where members may participate in all types of activities—trade, commerce or
social—free from fear and suspicion. If the
SafeList Marketplace can help save just one life, or help prevent just one woman
from being raped or prevent just one child from falling into the dangerous world of child prostitution, then we will have made a
significant contribution to society. However, with your help, I am convinced that SafeList.com will play a significantly bigger role
in cleaning up the web of criminals and make it safer for everyone. We must not allow Donna’s untimely and tragic death be in
vain but instead act as a catalyst for us all in creating a better and safer Internet!

Karim Pirani
October 14, 2010

Dear Donna,

Happy Birthday!
I miss you and wish you were with us. We have been deprived of your smile, your laughter,
your thoughtfulness, and your kindness for too long. Please forgive me for not always being a
good brother to you. All I have left is the good times we have had together. Remember all the
games we played? Hide and seek in the house? Tea parties with our stuffed animals?
Nintendo? Basketball? And playing with Gortie? Those were the good old days and I cherish
those memories. You will always be in my heart and I know that God is protecting you
wherever you are. Love you always.

-Your Big Brother, Daniel

Today, October 14, 2010 is your 23rd birthday. Our souls ache that we are unable to share your
special day with you. The pain we have felt ever since your mysterious disappearance has not abated at
all and affect us as profoundly today as it did when we were first notified of your tragic disappearance.
 I think of you constantly, every day.  We who love you carry the trauma and pain of your
disappearance and we will carry this until you are found or until the day we die.  The memories we
have of you we relive over and over again and, while we cherish such warm and wonderful memories,
the grief these memories evoke is so painful, yet we know we must persevere and continue to do
whatever is humanely possible to bring you back home to your family.

I have tried to stay strong for you Donna and for the rest of the family. It has taken a toll on us all and
I have had to seek out some help to help me through the immense grief and suffering I have
experienced every day since you have been gone.  But even with that terrible grief and depression I feel
every day, the physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that overwhelms me at times, I will never
stop searching for you. I have and will continue to devote the rest of my life to seeing that justice is
done, not only for you Donna, but for all the other children who have undergone similar fates and
whose families have suffered as we have.

The loss of you, my dear, sweet daughter, has changed my life forever.  I want you to know that no
day goes by without my searching or pursuing justice for you in one way or another. There are no
days off for me anymore, no holidays, no vacations,-nothing truly exists in my life other than my
search for you Donna and, until we find you, I suspect nothing ever will.

We know you were the victim of a vicious, sophisticated human predator whose sick mind conjured up
the most sinister plan imaginable.  There are many unanswered questions and I am doing my best to get
the answers necessary to determine what really happened to you during that terrible night.  With the
help of the divine and the assistance of some good and caring human beings who have the desire to get
to the real truth of your disappearance, I still believe in my heart we can bring you back home.

We have suffered a long, grueling and gruesome 1,208 days still without having any credible answers
to your disappearance.  We know the answers are out there somewhere. Please be certain of this my
dear, your family and friends are still spreading the word and working hard to elicit responses from
people who know more to come forward and reveal the truth that will, one way or another, set us free
from this terrible state of not knowing what really happened.

I have and will continue to do whatever is necessary to maintain my strength and courage throughout
this ordeal.  While I have many days when my world seems to be spinning out of control, I counter
that with a sense of hope that you will still one day return to us. Even against all odds and even when
things seem not to be going our way, I keep in my memory and I know in my soul that miracles really
do happen and that justice will ultimately prevail.

I will never stop believing in miracles Donna.
Happy Birthday my dearest
I love you with my whole heart, my baby
You dad, Reza

                                                                           TO CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT

If you have any information regarding Donna's case
Please Contact Law  Enforcement  directly  
through their e-mail         
Your Identity will remain anonymous.

Detective Eguchi

The Los Angeles Port Police, Captain Mike Graychik and his team members   for providing exemplary support to our private
search team. We are grateful for their sincerity, dedication, and desire demonstrated to find my beloved daughter, Donna.

Special thanks to friends and supporters involved in our continuous search for Donna.
Your prayers, thoughts, and advice we will forever hold dear to our hearts.
My lovely Donna, The pain of suddenly losing you
without explanation is horrible heartache beyond
comprehension for me. You were silenced in the
prime of your life by a known criminal, but there can
be no silencing of family and friends who will
continue to search for you until you are found.   Live
without you is meaningless for me.

Love you, my baby M.
            Your dad,
The Innocence of a Child
          Second Anniversary of my missing Donna
               Statement to the press (23 June 2009)

Today is one of the saddest days of my life; it is the 2nd anniversary of my missing child, Donna.
Treasure within my heart has vanished, never to be seen again, feelings of loneliness, helplessness, despair and abandonment are the routine
of my life since Donna’s disappearance.
There are huge life altering problems that I have to deal with day after day for the rest of my life and unless someone experiences it how could
they possibly understand? There is mixed emotions everyday; I am on roller coaster of emotions all the time, day and night.
John Steven Burgess, a convicted child molester, took my child away from us 2 years ago. Despite his confession, the facts of the case in no
way FULLY support the statements given by a con man, Mr. Burgess, as to what happened between my daughter and him after the mid night
of June 23, 2007.

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Burgess’ confession served ONLY one person in this case ---- and that is Mr. Burgess himself. His
confession has gained him the least severe sanction he could possibly have received, a charge that will keep him in prison for a minimal time
(5 years, which will be 2.5 years with good behavior) only and that will, once again, provide him license to commit whatever heinous crimes he
will choose to perpetrate upon innocent victims in the future.

Burgess is a human predator; he will be looking for his next victim the day he walks out of prison!

In fact, no witness has testified seeing my daughter dead or alive after midnight on June 23, 2007, no DNA has been detected, Burgess had
failed the polygraph test, and a body has yet to be discovered.

I have been trapped in limbo since June 23, 2007 -- not certain whether to mourn the missing of my precious Donna or continue hoping that
she is alive.

The system is using Burgess ‘s statement as a fact and, as such, Burgess, for all practical purposes, has been enabled by the LAW OF THE
STATE of California to "pick" the severity of the sanctions allowed,

Burgess must tell us the truth; he must tell us what torture he had inflicted on my lovely baby.

My grief, rage, and searching continues.  If it takes my entire life to find the truth of my daughter's disappearance, so be it. I will continue to
search for my child until she is found, until my last breath.

Thank you.

Reza Jou (missing Donna Jou’s dad)
The Joy a Father and Mother have when they see
the face of their newly awaited born child is a true
blessing from God. As the anticipation arrives again
to see the face of their Beautiful Donna we will
continue with Hope and Prayers.
God knows the Desires of our Hearts.
Donna graduated from Clear Lake High School, May 2006, GPA 4.4, SAT scores of
She was tutoring mathematics during her last two years of high school, donated over 100
hours of her time to help her fellow students.
Donna worked full time as a volunteer in St. John Hospital's Pathology Laboratories
under direction of Dr. Moore, summer 2005. She also has supported the Interfaith
Ministries as a volunteer, this includes, collecting nonperishable foods from grocery
stores and delivery to food pantries for less fortunate, 2004-2005.
During her senior year at Clear Lake High School, she took a course named
"Independent Study Mentor ship (ISM)" Under direction of her mentor NASA senior
scientist/Dr. Deborah Harm, she studied Neurophysiology, Vestibular System,
Spaceflight negative effects on astronauts' balance upon their return to Earth. This was
at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Johnson Space Center
(JSC), Houston, Texas.
Donna was admitted to the NASA's Summer High School Apprenticeship Research
Program or SHARP for Summer 2006. As well as baby sitting for the Battered Women
Shelters, she has volunteered as a cashier in the Bay Area Turning Point Resale Shop
in Nassau Bay, Texas in support of women shelters. Donna has many more
accomplishments preparing herself for future. Her family is proud and looks forward to
continue supporting her on this journey of accomplishments.
On May 06, 2009: Burgess pleated guilty to
Involuntary Manslaughter and Concealment of
Accidental Death and dumping Donna into the Pacific
Ocean (due to lack of evidence to prove or disprove
his statement, the court accepted his fabricated story).

Legislative proposal
United States Congressman, The Honorable Pete Olson's letter to the     
Chairman, National Association of Attorneys General          
regarding Donna Jou's case and legislative proposal .

Dated February 12, 2010.

A quote form Capital Weekly - 88,000 sex offenders live in State of California.

"Only about 1,700 of the 88,000 sex offenders currently being tracked by the
state hit the SVP level".
For the full report you may click on capital weekly logo
Letter to  Steve
Cooley,  DA of
Los Angeles,
4th anniversary
of the
my  daughter,
Donna Jou  
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On March 17, 2009
Superior Court of the
State of California for
the county of Los
Angeles charged
Steven Burgess
(a three times
convicted sex
offender) for the
disappearance of
Donna Jou.

Today, June 23, 2012, is the 5th year anniversary of my missing daughter, Donna.

Five years ago today I entered into a whole new world. I went down a path, never knowing if I would see the end, it was
the start of a new life. This was not a path of my choice, but it is a path I must walk mindfully with intention. It is a journey
through grief.
Since that day, my life changed forever in so many ways, many things have happened.
Five years ago today my beautiful daughter walked away from our lives, and was never to be seen again.
Today I am sad. I am angry, confused, depressed, hurt, thrown, somber, …..
I’m everything you can possibly think of. It hasn’t been long, but in some ways it has been the longest days I never knew
could exist. Every cell in my body aches and wants to be with her. I shed many, many, many tears. I won’t smile as often as
my old self. Smiling hurts now. Most everything hurts some days, even breathing. I have a new normal now.

Five years ago she was gone, and I would never hear her voice again. I would never see her breathtaking smiles, I would
never feel a kiss or a hug from her. Because of that naive decision she made on that faithful day, for reasons I will never get
to know.
I know deep down in my heart, that I still have my Donna, that I will never be without her. I realize that this tragedy has lead
me to a new calling, one to keep going until our criminal justice system stop neglect and denial of victims’ human rights. Until
the judicial system stop plea bargaining with career criminals.  Until authorities truly making the effort to follow their
democratic principles, until Donna comes home.

(missing Donna Jou’s dad)

My remarkable Donna,

This year marks the 4th anniversary of your ambiguous disappearance -- a tragedy that caused us an irreversible damage.

June 23, 2007 was the beginning of a nightmare I never woke up from.  I was thrown suddenly into a dizzying world of
unbelief  parents, then have to learn how to survive  such an unthinkable crises, not knowing what to do and where to
look next. I have been through sobbing cries, aching heart, denial, hope, anger, and mourning, a myriad of strange
feelings and emotions never felt before and praying for answers every day, every waking moment.

Donna, I think steadily about you during the most sorrowful and terrifying journey of my life. A part of my very own
being has been chopped off violently by this horrific loss. You will always be inseparable part of me, I never be the same

Donna, we have plead to  the local, state, and federal authorities in charge to ensure justice for you, to RE-OPEN your
case and assign a NEW investigative team to start their efforts in full force to find my fallen daughter and to bring you
back to us.

We have asked DA of Los Angeles/Mr. Cooley and his capable team to use their finely honed skills to find you instead of
relying on BURGESS’ (a CAREER Criminal’s) fabricated story.

I love you so deeply and genuinely my lovely Donna, will never fall out of love with you, I miss you badly my baby.

I need you.
Your Dad,
A song that was
recorded about
Donna By
singer/Jannel Rap
5th. year anniversary of my missing doughter, Donna
4th year anniversary of my missing doughter, Donna