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A letter from San Diego State University - Dean, College of Science, Donna has been named
to the Dean's List for Spring 2007
                      A letter from San Diego State University, Honor Council
A letter from San Diego State University, Director of University Honor Program

A letter from Dean's office addressed to Donna from San Diego State University's Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Donna's Autobiography Sketch

An e-mail addressed to Donna from SDSU Honor Program
"Painting An Empty Sky"
In memory of the lost US Space Shuttle Columbia & its seven Astronauts
This "Mural" was painted by Donna Jou, Daniel Jou, and a few other HS
students after Space Shuttle Columbia Tragedy, February 01, 2003
Donna played basketball for Clear Lake High School Team, academic year 2004-2005.

During her senior year at Clear Lake High School, she took a course named "Independent Study
Mentorship  (ISM)" Under direction of her mentor NASA senior scientist/Dr. Deborah Harm, she studied
Neurophysiology, Vestibular System, Spaceflight negative effects on astronauts' balance upon their
return to earth. This was at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Johnson Space
Center, Houston, Texas.

Donna graduated from Clear Lake High School, May 2006, GPA 4.4, SAT score of 1,570.

Donna was admitted to the NASA's Summer High School Apprenticeship Research  Program or SHARP,
Summer 2006.

Donna was tutoring mathematics during last two years of her high school, donated over 100 hours of
her time to help her fellow students.

Donna worked full time as a volunteer in St. John Hospital's Pathology Laboratories under direction of
Dr. Moore, Summer 2005.

Donna has supported the Interfaith Ministries as volunteer, this includes, collecting non-perishable
foods from grocery stores and delivery to food pantries for less fortunate, 2004-2005.  

Donna has volunteered as a cashier in a Bay area turning point Resale Shop store located in Nassau
Bay, Texas in support of women shelters.

Donna has volunteered as a baby sitter for the Battered Women Shelters during her last 2 years of
high school.